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Run, Lady Pink

I began running when I realized I could take control. I needed a healthy option for stress relief, weight control, and finding new friends. Running saved my life when I felt overwhelmed by the chaos in my life and I no longer wanted negative aspects to run me.

My running journey began when I realized I could take my life back.



The Dirty Dish

Whether our favorite team is playing on TV or we are cheering on our own children, baseball is what we love. We have learned the ins and outs of in this ever growing, evolving world of youth baseball. Through it all you will be nickel and dime'd with fee's, hotels, travel, drinks, equipment, etc. but I will show you how to make sense of the youth baseball universe.

With no time to spare, this dirty dish is the reason my dishes are dirty at home.

Finding Time for Sports in a Busy World

Discover how to find a routine when life is anything but routine. Planning has become my life saver with my busy schedule and different passions/activities. This family of six conquers life with a team mentality.


Fitness and Running


With my family's schedule I have to find ways to make time for my passion of running. Find tips to start your journey in fitness and running.


Self Care


I struggle to find time for myself but it is important that I do. I hold the saying, "You can't pour from an empty cup" very dear to my heart.


The Dirty Dish


Who are we kidding? This "win at all cost" culture is ruining our favorite past time all while sending ill prepared athletes on to high school and college.