‘Tis the season! We are all gearing up to watch our favorite player on the dirt diamond. Whether that player goes by Harper, Trout, Altuve, or he shares your last name, playing ball is their game and cheering is our way. We  converge to the smell of wet dirt and intricately cut grass. Following our sons/daughters play the sport of their choice all summer is our choice. They play the game they love, we get the tan we deserve. But it’s all fun and games until our jeans don’t fit right. I have been following my players for years while maintaining my healthy lifestyle.

I’ve been called a baseball mom on more than one occasion. Don’t worry, I’ve been called worst things. While it is a fact that I am a mom of baseball players, I am much more than a baseball mom. I am health advocate and a runner. I run for fun, health, and most importantly, my sanity. Staying fit during baseball season can be tricky if you allow the tempo of the season dictate your choices. I choose to be in control of my choices.

Stay Active

Having a schedule for the season is a huge factor in staying fit and healthy, although it is not necessary or sometimes even an option. Our coach sometimes didn’t have a schedule set until the week of the event. Whenever I am choosing a hotel for my family, I ask about the pool and I ask about the gym. I find out if the treadmill is in working order or if I am lucky the staff knows of a nearby route for runners. The pool is important for cross training and staying active. It may be just a couple of days but you don’t want to lose your activity streak every weekend you are away. In between games I will walk the perimeter of the park to keep my steps in check. If there is a route, I might take a quick 1-2 mile run. During the games, I stand as much as possible.

Eat Right

I’ll admit that eating right is tricky when you are on the road. I pack plenty of snacks for myself to avoid hangry symptoms to ruin good decision making. Just to avoid having to remember snacks for different members of the family (player needs, children spectator snacks, dad snacks, and then fitness snacks) I have found that packing the same snacks for everyone is easier and it’s important that we all eat healthy anyway, in my opinion. I pack plenty of fruit, pickles, and lots of water. Water is the miracle cure for just about everything. Are you feeling hungry but you just ate? Drink water. Are you feeling tired? Drink water. Do you want to curb your appetite? Drink water. Rant over. During the summer when the temps are high, I drink approximately 3-4 liters of water a day.

Concession stand food may never make headlines for nearly missing the title of healthiest place to eat however concession stands every where will continue to rake in loads of cash due to hangry parents and their children while they support their baseball/softball player. Many ballparks do not allow snacks in the park in order to take advantage of our hunger. Just choose wisely. When in need of a quick meal choose the hot dog over the hamburger. Hot dog equates to approximately 150 calories and a hamburger is closer to 350 calories. Pickles have very little calories sometimes clocking in at zero if you find the right label.


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